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ONE Championship (the day of the championship), the greatest martial arts sport in the history of Asia. The program of all athletes in ONE: CONQUEST OF HEROES will be revealed on Saturday, September 22 at the Jakarta Convention Center, Jakarta. Indonesia Come out, that's it. The duo will defend the title of champion Yoshitaka Naito of Japan, with challenger Joshua Pacio, the rising star of the Philippines.
One interesting match in ONE: CONQUEST OF HEROES
Yoshitaka Naito vs. Joshua Pacio Yoshitaka Naito vs. Joshua Paco
For Yoshitaka "Nobita" Naito is one of Japan's most successful martial arts athletes. In just four years after starting his career in 2012, Naito won the Strawberry Stampede of the nation's famous shooto, before joining the ONE Championship in 2016 and winning the WWE Championship. Naito is now ready to meet with old rival Joshua Pacio.
Joshua "The Passion" Pacio from Baguio City Philippines He was inspired by martial arts. He started training at the age of 12 after making a semi-professional record. He quickly began his career at the professional level. Before winning a 6-pt on the world stage ONE Championship. In 2016, he had a chance to challenge the belt champion ONE version with Yoshitaka "Nobita" Naito, but was defeated. His latest form is to win three straight. He gets a chance to reunite with Naito again.
Stefer Rahardian vs. Peng Xue Wen
Stefer Rahardian, the owner of the ONE Flyweight Tournament of Indonesia. Before getting a chance on the world stage ONE Championship and become.
Superstars of National Martial Arts are fast, with impressive stats. He specializes in Brasilia Yuti and is under the care of legendary Carlson Gracie by Rahardian Chase sweeps the championship in Yugoslavia throughout the region. Before using his excellent technical achievements in the cage of the ONE with a record of winning 8 times, losing only 1 time, he is now named one of the sub-ministry of the industry.
Peng Xue Wen, Vice-Champion Gregg-Roman Wrestling Champion of China He has talent in both football and kung fu. But finally, it was wrestling that made him fall in love and started practicing seriously. He has won many titles. Before turning to devotional martial arts after seeing many seniors step into this path, Peng believes his wrestling skills and flexibility. It is the key to victory. And it will make him famous internationally under the competition of the ONE Championship is not difficult.
Sergio Vezensky vs Sergio Wielzen vs Sultan of the Tank
Sergio "Little One" Wielzen, champion of boxing, Lion Fight, lightweight, and W5 champion two times. He is a Surinam, but also live rehearsal in Amsterdam. Netherlands Career statistics beat 46th, defeated 19, 2 (1 NC) by Wielen, famous for heavy weapons and knocked out competitors. Even more times to the arena with the larger ones. In addition, Wielzen has won many excellent knock. It is also the former Showtime 61MAX champion.
The Tank One of the rising stars of the Thai boxing industry is "The Iron Man." He is a champion of Siam Boxing. Known for its exciting punching style. He is a specialist in Muay Thai. Weapon Filled with fury And can pressure competitors throughout the competition. He is the owner of professional boxing statistics, winning 252, losing 40, which is 10, which is considered to be his debut on the ONE Super Series.
Yuya Kazamatsu vs. Danny Kingad (Yuya Wakamatsu vs Danny Kingad)
Yuya "Little Piranha", 23, is a mixed martial artist from Kagoshima City. Wakamatsu is an athlete with a strong knockout potential, with nine of the 10 winners, all of whom won the top 11. 10 pm before deciding to join ONE Championship and will be launched by Danny Kingad.
Danny "King" Kingad is a talented football player in the Flyaway team of Lake City, Baguio. Philippines He is a 22-year-old athlete with heavy attacking skills and skills. In November 2017, he had the chance to qualify for the Flyweight Championship with Adriano Moraes, but lost. He can beat Ma Hao Bin, a rising star from China, with unanimous votes in June.
Kairat Akhmetov vs Ma Hao Bin
Former champion FLYWATER Kairat "The Kazakh" Akhmetov, who was inspired by his father, the amateur wrestling champion, Akhmetov started practicing martial arts in 2000, which proved to be a gift. father After winning the national championship three times. He competed in the ONE ufabet Championship in the year 2015 before the shock of winning the flyweight championship from Adriano Moraes immediately. Then in year 2